Saturday, July 26, 2008

Harry Reid=Joe McCarthy?

At least "Tailgunner" Joe had a reason to chase boogey-men during the Cold War. Are there any Democrats questioning why their fearless U.S. Senate leader is focusing so heavily on polygamists when there are plenty of other important issues facing America?

Here is what Old Joe and Old Harry have in common in their witchhunts: some people were/are guilty of crimes...there were commies in the State Department and there is statutory abuse going on in some polygamist communities. Oh yeah, they have this in common as well: both have overstepped their bounds...the State Department wasn't full of commies and polygamist communities aren't full of abusers.

I have a theory about why Democrats are conspicuously silent on Old Harry's witchhunt...and I'll share it with you, if you first tell me why you guys are so quiet about this.


Davis Didjeridu said...

You call one hearing to talk about interstate crime a witchhunt? There have been criminal convictions, you know? Jeffs was on the FBI top ten list, right? Why shouldn't the legislative branch investigate why the executive branch has spent so much time and money investigating and prosecuting polygamists?
I'll admit I thought it was shoddy to not include practicing polygamyists.

Bill Keshlear said...

Oh Paul,

Here’s the super-secret poop known only to insiders. Shhhhh!

Sen. Reid asks himself, “What can I do to derail McCain/Romney if Romney becomes McCain’s vice-president pick. Or even now if he’s under serious consideration, how can I gum up the works? How can I re-ignite Huckabee’s GOP evangelicals and their hatred of all things LDS? Maybe get them to stay home on election day?”

Well, the savvy senator knows many Southern Baptists - and journalists too, if their coverage of the Texas mess is any indication - don’t know the difference between LDS and FLDS (a reality the LDS PR department knows only too well). So what about a few Senate hearings in September and October, just before the election, in full view of C-Span and Chris Mathews?

The coverage is sure to generate a few quotes from polygamists that help the righteous ones down South connect the dots: FLDS=polygamy and abuse=LDS=Romney=Romney’s polygamist ancestors=Romney cult practitioner.

Again, this is a war-room tactic taken from the handbook of your friend Karl Rove. It was only recently made available to Democrats. Don’t tell anyone.

Paul Mero said...

Thanks, Bill.

Btw, I never have met Karl Rove. But I have met you, my friend!

Anonymous said...


I suspect this has to do with the homosexual agenda.

Paul Mero said...

Anon 1:37...hmmmmmmm? I didn't think of that. You might be on to something?

saxguy said...

Peetey Em. I see you are up to your old tricks of baiting liberals and Democrats on the web. Don't you have anything better to do with your time? Why don't you go out and get a real job and quit annoying those of us who actually contribute something to society.

Paul Mero said...

Dear Sexguy...good to know you're still around. In answer to your question, you might ask Rob Miller, who invited me to post on Amicus.

I just thought I was contributing!

Paul Mero said...

Oh yeah...Sexguy?

You liberals are much too smart to be baited.

Have a great weekend.

The Big Dog said...

Dems have been silent because....These hearings on polygimists will have the undertone of being hostile to religion and give further credence to the notion that Democrats are godless/anti-religion.

In a Presidential election year and your candidate has a muslim name. Along with polling that indicates Americans stil think he might be Muslim, plus his Christian Pastor is viewed as being racist...

All in all not a good time to attack any religious sect for criminial wrong doing, even when its your own religion, politically speaking of course.

SocialTyrantWatch said...

But if Harry Reid called a hearing to promote increased federal interference with the public's consumption of erotica, Paul Mero would be front and center asked Sen. Reid to incarcerate the entire workforce of the adult entertainment industry.

saxguy said...

It should also be pointed out that the two "front men" leading the charge in the U.S. Senate against the FLDS sect just happen to be members of the LDS church.

This is the same LDS Church that is currently in a quandary trying to distance itself from the negative publicity that a church of the same name with an F in front of it which is basically the same religion with the clock turned back 150 years.

Is this just a coincidence? I think not.

Kelly Ann said...

Anybody else catch the irony that mero called sAxguy... sExguy? me thinks thou must have it on the brain...stomp it out, paul! stomp it out!

oh, and by he way, the reason dems aren't shouting lame, oversimplified one liners about the polygamy issue is that we recognize this issue has many complexities and nuances that involve fundamental values we hold dear-- equality, freedom, protection of those who cannot protect themselves, etc.

We generally chose not to follow the example of Bill O'Reilly, Fox News, (and the Sutherland Institute??) which seek out issues to exploit rather than explore and find solutions and common ground.

Just a thought. Attack away...I'm sure your incredulity is begging you to hit the reply button! Cheers.

Paul Mero said...

Good thoughts all (except the ones taking cheap shots at me!!).

The winner: Big Dog...the conspicuous silence among Democrats, especially Utah's finest, is because support for Reid would reinforce the perception that Demos are more secular than religious in their a state that is just the opposite.

saxguy said...

Apparently you are not Peety Em. You take the bait every time. Why don't you get a real job and contribute something to SOCIETY instead of living off the teat of the Sutherland Institute?

The said...

You mean a real job, like working for the Utah Democratic Party?

Paul Mero said...

Sexguy...what would you have me do? A greeter at Walmart? Salesman at Men's Warehouse? Border Patrol agent?

And then I could leave all matters political to you and your colleagues. How does that sound?

In fact, maybe Rob Miller could host the "Find Paul Mero a Real Job" contest?

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,

Here's something more important than the 'gays'.