Monday, July 28, 2008

Everybody loves a parade!

Last Thursday attorney general candidate Jean Welch Hill joined the Weber County and Cache County Democrats to celebrate Utah's Pioneer Day.

I could go on and on about the fantastic participation by our Weber and Cache County Democratic officials and volunteers, but instead I'll just say thank you and let the slide shows on Jean's blog tell you the rest of the story.

I also wanted to thank Janet Lee and her family for donating and transporting their "Giant Obama" parade pal. Your contribution gave us a better presentation and it was a fun to watch the excitement (especially with the children) that your "Giant Obama" brought to the festivities.



Anonymous said...

How many parades has Shurtleff been in?

By my count it is 4 to 0, advantage Jean.

Anonymous said...

Well, then. She is obviously more qualified because she has been in more parades. Wow...thanks for pointing that out?

Anonymous said...

I know anon 6:45 is being sarcastic, but the number of parades is a good indicator as to whether a candidate will do a good job if elected.

But of course you Republicans would never understand that.

Anonymous said...

You're right, I don't understand how parades indicate candidate fitness.

Maybe "you Democrats" need to put on more parades in order to overcome the Republican majority.

March on liberal soldiers...March on!

Curtis said...

I think what anon 4:39 PM is referring to is the fact that Jean is willing to go out and actually work to be elected - not just presume that the election is a given one way or another.

Is it an indicator of much? No. But it does show that Jean is willing to go out and meet with the voters.

Anonymous said...

Holy smokes! Please tell me the difference between the incredibly insulting Obama sock puppet and that parade float?

Could you have made the nose any bigger???

Anonymous said...

Ick Obama, Yay Jean!

nikki23 said...

Right on! Go Jean and Obama! :)