Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Amicus Morning Edition

In Search of the Perfect Energy Bill.

Bloggers on Obama/McCain La Raza speeches.

Setting the Record Straight on Jesse Helms. (Sorry Paul)

A Democrat, a Republican, and an Independent walk into a bar...

The SideTrack's JasonThe (someone I often refer to as "me") on the airwaves.

Nature can be surreal.

Experience McCain's Economic Scientology.

Jean Welch Hill on Neglecting Education.


Anonymous said...

So, do Utah Democrats believe that "God is a lesbian of color?"

Since you link to this statement here on your blog, it appears that you endorse this idea of God.

I, for one, love that you do this. Anytime anyone I know talks about voting for a Democrat in Utah I take them through this site to show them how extreme your views are. It deters them better than anything I could ever tell them.

Anonymous said...

Please continue informing us of Obama's plan to raise taxes!

It will make McCain's "Economic Scientology" turn into McCain, the President Elect!

I often wonder what you're thinking when you promote these flawed policies of your candidates. Then I remind myself that you have very little influence in Utah, and the correlation is readily apparent.

Keep up the good work! You might just get McCain elected yet!

Jason The said...

Wow. From these two comments, it would seem the "anonymous" factions of Utah's voting class are scared.

A bit defensive.

Anonymous said...

You're right...I'm defensive about God being "a lesbian of color."

I should have apologized for my discomfort before I made my initial comment.


It's good to see that your completely fine with it...Like I said, I'll make sure to point that out to everyone I speak with.

Anyway, like I said, keep up the good work. Rest assured it doesn't go unnoticed!

Paul Mero said...

No prob, Jason. (That sort of argument only only makes me sound smarter!) :)