Saturday, July 19, 2008

Amicus Candidate Spotlight

Bob Springmeyer
"I am running for Governor because I know that Utah can and must do better. This is a great state. But it must be an even greater state."
  • I am not satisfied that more than 400,000 people in Utah, including 135,000 children, have no health insurance and many more families are struggling to keep up with rising insurance costs.
  • I am not satisfied that one third of Salt Lake School District students and almost half of Ogden students, and far too many of our Hispanic students end up dropping out. Pretty great is just not good enough anymore!
  • I am not satisfied that Utah wages, as a percentage of national averages, have been falling steeply since the early 1980's under Republican Administrations - 80 percent of Utah workers have suffered real wage losses since 1979.
  • I am not satisfied that when my 87 year old mother tries to call State Government she can't get a real human - just a complicated stream of clicks, beeps and frustration.
  • Middle class families are been squeezed by higher health care, energy and tuition costs. The only thing that is absolutely certain is that we cannot wait to act - We Must Do Better.


Anonymous said...

Vote for Bob!

Jesse said...

Jesse said...^

Anonymous said...

Bob is an exceedingly weak candidate for governor. The lack of ideas and differentiation he offers is astounding. Additionally Bob's firm, Bonneville Research, is the same firm that has justified all of these vanity police forces around the Salt Lake Valley. Most importantly, his firm has gotten the projections wrong every single time. Besides all of this, Huntsman has been a good governor for the state. Huntsman isn't perfect, but Bob certainly hasn't shown, through his own professional background or his current ideas, that he'd be any better - and he'd probably be significantly worse.

Anonymous said...

Man, I just noticed that Obama link here on the site.

It reminds me exactly of the old Soviet Union propaganda posters of Lenin, or the Chinese depictions of Mao.


Anonymous said...

"Middle class families are been squeezed by higher...."

I like dis fella, he know how talk!

This here fella needs go down run Governor a Keeeennnnnnntuck!

Him and his bowtie!

And he just mite win! They don't know bout that Huntsman dude down der!

Nick said...

Hmmm...his website gives no more information about his stance on issues than the blurb at the top of this post. He sure likes to way what he's dissatisfied with, but no info on what he'll do to fix anything. And dude, a bow tie? Seriously?

Anonymous said...

Nick: Welcome to the Demoract Party.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong? No more candidates to spotlight?

Anonymous said...

Springmeyer’s camapagin is joke.

Was the democratics to find a canadite to run for governor?

I’ve seen Bob at a couple of community event’s – I can tell he does like to camapgain, he just sits a table with his camagian stickers on his shirt and watches the world go buy..does he talk to people? – NO

I have yet to hear of him at any event out side of Salt Lake County.

Anyway – his whole race is a joke and a waste of time and money.

Rob said...

As someone who has been with Bob at several events both in and outside of Salt Lake County I can say that Bob not only speaks with people, he enjoys speaking with people.

Thanks for running Bob, and keep up the good work.

Jr. said...

Who killed the electric car?

Wayne Holland

Anonymous said...

You are right Bob is a Joke...

Thank You Wayne Holland

WAYNE JR. said...



Kelsey said...

"Was the democratics to find a canadite to run for governor?"

Nice argument buddy.

Listen, if your going to call a campaign a "joke" learn how to spell campaign, candidate, and democrat right. (Learning some grammar might be helpful as well.)

Come on now folks. Why hide behind an "anonymous" tag?

Don't you want to take credit for your brilliant political minds?


Anonymous said...


If we're to base our decisions for qualification on spelling, how would you score this?

"Middle class families are been squeezed by higher health care, energy and tuition costs. The only thing that is absolutely certain is that we cannot wait to act - We Must Do Better."

Now there's an example of Bob's brilliant political mind!


Kelsey said...

Dear another anonymous,

At least Bob has put together a coherent sentence.



Kelsey said...

"Who killed the electric car?

Wayne Holland"

Monty, Monty, Monty…

What have you done for any other candidates?

If you would like to push the electric car try creating a multi-faceted platform on which to run...or at this point-- Encourage other candidates to support your electric car program and help them get into office.


You killed the electric car by being one-dimensional, and in your personal interactions unilaterally offensive. Wayne Holland had nothing to do with it.

Curtis said...


Why you gotsta be causing problems on the Amicus?! :)

Kelsey (Not Keltzy) said...


How long have we worked together?
You know me better than that!

It's my outlet for cynicism.