Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Stop Foreign Radioactive Waste!

Stop Foreign Radioactive Waste!

Several days ago, my wife received a call from Energy Solutions. They wanted to invite me to tour their radioactive waste dump in Clive. They offered to take me from their Salt Lake offices in their “corporate vehicle” and give me a personal tour of their facility. I respectfully and publicly decline their offer. I also ask that they do not donate money to my campaign. I will return it if they do. I do not want to be beholden to a special interest that does not have the best interest of Utah as their objective.

Energy Solutions has a congressman. My opponent has been taking contributions from Energy Solutions even before he became a congressman. It is no wonder that he refuses to sign onto a bill co-sponsored by Jim Matheson to stop foreign nuclear waste from entering into our state. Bishop claims it is a states issue and will not take a position on the Matheson bill. He is dead wrong. I continue to encourage him to take the high road and do what’s right for District 1, Utah, and the rest of our country.

Energy Solutions has their congressman. On November 4th I invite the voters of District 1 to elect a congressman for the rest of us.

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