Monday, June 23, 2008

Qualified / Not Qualified

Richard Ellis on KVNU: Qualified to be Utah State Treasurer

Rep. Mark Walker on KVNU: Not Qualified to be Utah State Treasurer

Tom Grover talks with Utah State Treasurer candidate Richard Ellis about Rep. Greg Hughes' last minute negative attack letter, and with Rep. Mark Walker about his lack of qualifications.


Anonymous said...

Whew! I can rest a lot easier now knowing that Mark Walker doesn't consider his actions to be "overly criminal."

Nate 1 + 1 = - 4 said...

Thanks for calling this one Amicus.

I may have had to be a republican for a day, but I'm glad my vote helped defeat Mark Walker.

Anonymous said...

Serious question here. WHY are the Democrats so damned interested in seeing Mark Walker lose? Now that Ellis won, your boy you are putting up really has no chance. wouldn't you dude have a better chance of winning agains Walker? Or is it that Ellis is really a liberal? Serious question here. What gives?