Monday, June 23, 2008

George Carlin says, "SO LONG SUCKERS!"


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this tribute. It takes a lot courage to do this, especially in the Utah Republican Theocracy.

You won't see any conservative blogs paying any tribute to George Carlin.

Right now, the conservative blogs are crowing about Carlin burning in hell. Google it yourself.

Carlin had the guts to take on God, Christianity and religious superstition. He accurately pointed out how religion was destructive to society.

Carlin was able to make Humanism respectable and accessible to the masses. We could use more of that right here in Utah.

Secularism and humanism are making gains in Utah, even if the gains occur at glacial speeds. This means that time is on our (progressive/Democrat) side.

rw said...

I, too, will miss Carlin. Not for his politics but because he was funny and had a unique style of making us laugh.

Anonymous said...

I will Miss carlin, because he showed you global warming freaks what you really were. Look up his jokes about global warming. idiots.