Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Weber County Democrats run a full legislative slate

March 10, 2008 – Ogden, Utah: The Weber County Democrats will be holding a press conference and short rally at the steps of the Weber Center, 2380 Washington Blvd., on Tuesday, March 11th at 3:30 pm. Many of the 2008 Weber County Democratic candidates will be filing for election at that time.

2008 Democratic candidates from Weber County include the following:

Bill Hansen, 41, is a candidate the State Senate in District 19. He is a law enforcement officer. He has decided to run because he feels that Senator Allen Christensen needs to be held accountable for the rise in property taxes in Weber County. He also feels Senator Christensen has been unresponsive to public education issues, especially vouchers.

Steve Olsen will be running for State Senate from District 20. He was the 2006 Democratic candidate for the 1st Congressional District, and is a principal engineer at a major Weber County manufacturer.

Ava L. Painter is running for the House of Representatives in District 6. She is currently serving a second four- year term on the Farr West City Council. Prior to this she was a member for three years on the city’s planning commission, serving the last year as the chair. She holds a Master’s in Human Resource Management and currently works at Weber State University as an Administrator in the Office of Sponsored Projects promoting and managing external funding. She is also an Adjunct Professor.

Rob Reynolds is a candidate for the District 7 seat in the Legislature. Rob is a Weber State University professor, and feels the people in his district need more sensible representation than they have received the last few years, especially in the areas of immigration, education and clean, renewable energy.

Trent Alvord is a candidate for State Representative, District 8. This district covers Ogden Valley, parts of East and Northern Ogden and Harrisville. He is a life-long resident of Ogden, having been educated in Weber County schools, and a graduate of Weber State University. “I believe that it is time for the people of Dist. 8 to have their interests represented. My goal is to take your voice to the State Legislature.”

Neal Hansen is the Democratic incumbent in the Legislature for District 9, and is running for re-election.

Jessie Garcia has been an Ogden City Councilman for many years and has decided to run for the Legislature in District 9 this year.

Mark Openshaw is an educator and entrepreneur who is running for the Legislature in District 11. He is interested in listening to his constituents and making sure their views are represented and respected.

Mark Sage is running for the Legislature for District 12. He has 33 years of service as a public servant, including the FBI, Hill Air Force Base, and as a Vietnam veteran. He is currently the program manager for the Living Museum. He wants to improve education, increase fiscal responsibility and raise ethical standards in the Legislature, and he understands the issues important to Hill.

Ed Allen will be running for Legislative District 10, a seat that is currently held by Representative Lou Shurtliff (D) who is retiring this year. Ed has been married to Patricia Moore Allen for 40 years. Patricia and Ed have six children and 20 grandchildren. Ed is a dermatologist and private practitioner in Ogden, Utah. He is also a adjunct clinical professor at the University of Utah. Ed is a former Chair of the Weber County Democratic Party, a former member of the Utah State Democratic Party Executive Committee, and served as a Utah State Senator from 1999 - 2003.

The Democrats in Weber County have assembled a list of candidates that are talented, patriotic, moderate, and believe in open, honest and effective government. They continue the proud tradition of great civic leaders like Gunn McKay. We look forward to talking to the voters this year and making the case for change.

Steve Olsen, vice chair of the Weber County Democratic Party wanted me to add that the Weber County Democrats have successfully filled all of their legislative races this year, and that the Weber County Party is throwing down the gauntlet to the Utah County Democratic Party by stating, "Guys, we're going to win more races this cycle."


Megan said...

Go Weber County!

Anonymous said...

None of them stand a chance in Weber County.

Emily said...

anyonmous, you are such a positive guy. Never say never.

Anonymous said...

Totally awesome that most of these candidates are current or retired public employees! That's also true of our candidates in Utah County.

We need to take advantage of this. Who would you rather vote for: a private-sector Republican with a conflict of interest or a public employee Democrat without a conflict of interest.

Utahns are tired, tired, tired of self-serving legislators with conflicts of interest. Let's restore faith in the process by supporting public employees for public office

Chris said...

My compliments to the Chair! I think the other counties need to ante up. All Hail Weber County Democrats!