Thursday, March 06, 2008

Steve Olsen announces bid for Senate District 20

PLAIN CITY – Steve Olsen, the 2006 Democratic 1st Congressional District candidate, has announced he is running for the Utah State Senate District 20 in 2008. The seat is currently held by Republican Scott Jenkins of Plain City.

Olsen gives several reasons for his decision. “For many years, Democrats have talked about the need for balance in the Legislature. The events of the last few years highlight this need more than ever. Private school vouchers are only the most recent and visible example of how the Republicans on Capitol Hill have lost touch with the people of Utah. They knew that an overwhelming majority of Utah’s citizens opposed this scheme, but they rammed the voucher bill through anyway.

“This is only one of many examples of the arrogance that is helping to change the political wind in Utah this year. Thoughtful Utahns are beginning to realize what Utah’s moderate, patriotic Democrats have known for years – the Republicans that control the Legislature have become so extreme that Utah Democrats more closely represent the values of our citizens.”

Olsen gives other reasons he would effectively represent the citizens of Weber County. “One of the big problems with the Legislature these days is they aren’t listening to the people. My neighbors have great ideas about how government should be run; I will actively seek out those ideas. You will never see me voting for measures like vouchers that a majority of the people in my district oppose.

“In addition, I believe my professional skills would represent a unique and important asset on Capitol Hill. As an engineer who specializes in team-based problem solving, I have the ability to get people on both sides of the aisle talking to each other, incorporating the best ideas to solve the problems facing this state. It frustrates me that the Legislature continues to address issues like educational improvement, immigration, and health care reform with ideologically driven schemes. It’s time we reach out to the collective wisdom of our citizens and go after effective solutions based on evidence and common sense, not theories based on political philosophy.”

Olsen’s neighbors also support his candidacy. Heidi Bitton, Steve’s neighbor says, “Steve Olsen is a no-nonsense man. He will not waste taxpayers time and expense on things that are unnecessary. He has the ability to see many ways around a situation, and think it through to find the best solution. He is concerned with the safety of our communities and is a strong leader to bring about change in a time when we need it most.”

Olsen says that he knows Senator Jenkins and his family well and respects the years of service he has given to the community. “However, the people of Weber County deserve a choice, and I look forward to talking with voters to make the case that a change is needed.”

Steve Olsen and his wife Teri have lived in Plain City for 25 years. He has been active in church leadership positions, in Scouting, and community affairs.

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