Friday, March 21, 2008

Paul Pugmire Announces Run for Salt Lake County Council

SOUTH JORDAN – South Jordan Planning Commissioner Paul Pugmire announced his candidacy for Salt Lake County Council, District 2 on March 14, 2008. Pugmire, a Democrat, is the former President of the Rexburg, Idaho City Council.

“I have been a leader in managing and planning for high community growth,” Pugmire said. “My family and I are a part of that growth on the West Side since we came back to Utah and I think more can be done for the West Side as it grows.” Pugmire is a Utah native who moved to Daybreak in South Jordan with his wife, Brooke, and their children after successful career stops in Idaho and Arizona.

“Transportation issues on the West Side are huge,” Pugmire said. “A toll-free Mountain View Corridor is vital, and both air quality needs as well as improving West Side route options demand that it include mass transit components from the start. I can see the brown cloud over I-15 from my neighborhood. We cannot let that happen to children and families of the West Side.”

“County government faces potentially large changes at a time of unprecedented growth on the West Side. As the townships consider their incorporation and annexation options everyone in the County could be affected in areas such as public safety and taxation. Meantime, there’s great uncertainty in education with the school district split and opportunities for neighborhood parks in the townships have sat idle for years. The West Side clearly needs a stronger voice,” Pugmire said.

In addition to his work on the South Jordan Planning Commission and the Rexburg, Idaho City Council, Pugmire’s government experience includes working as both Capitol Hill and district staff to U.S. Representative Richard Stallings (D-ID), as Assistant to the Minority Leader of the Arizona House of Representatives and as having been appointed by Arizona Governor Rose Mofford to lead the hugely successful effort to save Major League Baseball Spring Training in Arizona.

Pugmire was born in Provo and is 49 years-old. He is married to Brooke. Their children are Preston, 26; Matthew, 22; Tanner, 18; Madison, 15; Eli, 12; and Ashtyn, 10. The Pugmires will welcome Preston’s fiancé, Corine Bell, to the family in two weeks. Lucy the dog is 4 but doesn’t act her age. Pugmire is Vice President of Communications at Sector 10, a Bluffdale-based emergency equipment manufacturer.


Misty Fowler said...

I'm thrilled that there are so many people running this year. But, I can't keep up with them all. Is there any way you can post a comprehensive list, along with whatever contact info you have for them (preferably web sites, but whatever you have is great)?

I just set myself up to donate a modest amount to the SL County Party each month, but I might consider similar donations to other Democratic candidates, especially if they're in a high-risk area and/or they make me believe in them. (If I can help make this contact info list happen, you know how to reach me, I'd be happy to help)

Anonymous said...

Finally! The people got fed up with the legislators. New blood and plenty of it!

People are finally peeking their heads outside of the state and seeing what is better for the people of Utah.

Rob said...

We will have a site that lists all of our Utah Democratic Candidates soon.

Stay Tuned...