Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Greetings from Morgan Bowen and Family

Easter is a time for renewal and new beginnings. As our family celebrates Easter we remember the resurrection of Christ and the enabling power of hope to live again. This time of year is a time of hope for the worlds Christian community. Hope for renewal. Hope for a better future.

Hope for loved ones lost. As Kristen and I send our son Jeremy off the United States Air Force basic training this week, we have a greater appreciation for those who serve our country and the range of emotions that the families experience. We feel an urgency to do all that we can to support the men and women in our armed forces. Our family had become involved with One person can make a difference for our troops.

Our family has always had the belief that if we work together we can solve any difficulty and better any situation. Will you join us in working to strengthen the family, make our nation energy independent, and eliminate the national debt? By working together we will renew America for future generations to enjoy.

That's something worth hoping for this Easter season.

Happy Easter

The Bowen Family: Morgan, Kristen, Brennon, Jeremy, Samantha, Jeremiah and Hannah

Bowen for Congress 2008

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