Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bill Hansen Announces Campaign for Utah State Senate, District 19

North Ogden- Bill Hansen (D), 41, a Weber County Sheriff’s Deputy and former Wasatch Front business manager, will challenge Senator Allen Christensen for Utah State Senate, District 19.

Bill Hansen was asked to run for the State Senate by fellow cops, teachers, and local business owners that are members of both political parties. Hansen believes it’s important to step up when you’re asked and feels it’s a privilege and honor to represent the Democratic Party in this race.

Bill Hansen believes the current incumbent must be held accountable for his decisions that placed funding for priorities such as locking up criminals, education of our children, and preserving our open space at the end of the list. Important goals are difficult to accomplish when our elected officials act in their own self-interest and cater to special interest groups.

Bill Hansen will listen and act in the best interest of Utah citizens. He will provide openness and proper representation, especially when addressing issues like property taxes, unlike that of the current incumbent.

Bill Hansen plans to fight for issues that the people of Weber, Morgan, and Summit counties overwhelmingly favor, which have been consistently ignored by the current republican-dominated State Senate.

Bill Hansen strongly believes it is important to unite our community and take action to improve education, strengthen the economy, conserve open space, and fight crime for the future our generations to follow. His campaign will promote the ideals that all men and women are children of God, created equal, and deserve the right to be represented fairly.

Electing Bill Hansen, a Democrat, will bring true MODERATION to government, which is strongly needed.

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