Thursday, February 07, 2008

Mitt Romney to suspend presidential campaign

WASHINGTON (AP) _ Mitt Romney will suspend his presidential campaign for the Republican nomination, The Associated Press has learned, effectively ceding the nomination to John McCain.

From Utah Policy Daily
Romney Watch

New York Times: "Mitt Romney is committed to staying in the Republican presidential race despite his losses on Tuesday, and has an eye on the long-shot possibility of a brokered convention fight, his advisers said Wednesday. ... Tagg Romney said his father was still willing to plow his own money into his presidential bid, hoping that conservative alarm about the candidacy of Senator John McCain of Arizona would continue to grow, allowing the Romney campaign to 'fund-raise outside as well as from my dad and make this a real battle.'"



Cameron said...

Yeah, I thought about that UPD quote too.

Do you think he'll be the VP like Tom Grover predicts?

Rob said...

No, I think McCain will look to the Huckster.

Rob said...

Just a thought, maybe I should have titled this post, "Mitt's last flip-flop".

Cameron said...

This, coming from a Hillary supporter. :-)

UtahMormon said...

Hooray for America!!!

Marlin said...

damn, there went my candidate.

Now what?