Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Senate Site is movin on up!

With the 2008 legislative session starting Monday The Senate Site has been gearing up to better communicate with Utahns who want to be in the know. They already had the Senate Web Cam, but this year they have added a YouTube channel, and former NIGHTSIDE host, Michael Castner (The guy who took NIGHTSIDE to #1) to be the voice of The Senate Site's, Senate Radio. Obviously the Majority Party understands how important communicating with the voting public can be, especially right now as more and more Utahns are becoming more politically interested and active.

So Kudos to The Senate Site for moving up from the ninth spot to number three on this week' Most Influencial Political Blogs.

Utah's Most Influential Political blogs

2KVNU's For The People2
3The Senate Site9
4JM Bell3
6Out of Context12
7Mark Towner's Political Spyglass5
8The World, According To Me6
9Weber County Forum11
10The SideTrack8
11Simple Utah Mormon Politics16
12Democracy for Utah18
13Pursuit of Liberty13
14GenRolly Speaking -
17RedStateBlues -
18The Third Avenue19
19Jeremy's Jeremiad17
20Centerville Citizen is a Democrat20

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The Senate Site said...

Thanks for the mention. Should be a fun session.