Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Salt Lake Tribune picks Hillary

Hillary Clinton: N.Y. senator is best choice among Democrats
Tribune Editorial
Article Last Updated: 01/26/2008 03:02:11 PM MST

With this country bogged down in two wars, burdened by a crushing deficit and hurtling toward recession, experience and sheer toughness are essential in a presidential nominee.

We believe Sen. Hillary Clinton has an abundance of both - as Sen. Barack Obama does not - and should be the Democratic Party's nominee to reclaim the White House.

Clinton offers a unique background in government. She has been an active two-term senator, but the singularity of her political experience does not come solely from her work in the Senate, but also from her role as first lady to former President Bill Clinton. By her own description, and there is ample supporting evidence, she was her husband's closest adviser, involved in major policy decisions - an unofficial vice president of sorts - for eight years.

As first lady, she was handed the monumental task of formulating a comprehensive health-care reform proposal. Her complex, sweeping plan failed in Congress, but the effort gave her a broad background in what has become a national crisis. Her current health plan is more market-driven than its predecessor, but it would require insurers to provide coverage to anyone who can pay the premium, regardless of existing health problems.

In the Senate, Clinton serves on the Armed Services Committee and has been a critic of the Bush administration's handling of Iraq after voting for the resolution to invade. She vows that if elected, she would begin bringing U.S. troops home in the first 60 days of her presidency.

Clinton worked to get the Children's Health Insurance Program for low-income children started and is pushing to expand it. For years she has warned of a looming climate-change crisis and says, as president, she would create a $50 billion Strategic Energy Fund to jump-start development of alternative energies.

Clinton is a strong supporter of abortion rights, but also has worked on programs to reduce unwanted pregnancies. She fought the Bush administration to make the emergency contraceptive Plan B available to American women.

Hillary and Bill Clinton are a seemingly inseparable political team. What part he would play in his wife's administration is an important question, but not overriding. She has said his role would be advisory and unofficial.

We are endorsing Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee because her record of achievement is unmatched among the candidates - and is hers alone.


WP said...

I don't buy the argument. There were many flaws to the Clinton administration and I think it is time for a change. Hillary and Bill would give us nothing new. This country has some serious problems, among them trade deficits and busted immigration to which Bill did nothing worthwhile. Hillary was the 2nd biggest recipient of the HMO and pharmaceutical lobbyists in Congress. She sold out to them and our health care system is busted.

It is Obama for me this time. Richardson was a better choice Rob than Hillary.

nikki said...

What exactly is it that people find attractive about Hillary's experience? Her voting record? Her ability to antagonize republicans?

I agree with wp, its time for a change. Obama has invested real resources in this state, not just a symbolic showing. To me that says a lot.

The democratic party in Utah needs to look to the future, not the past.

Anonymous said...

I guess the poor misguided fool who wrote this didn't read Carolyn Kennedy's op-ed in the NYT

Anonymous said...

This is a sad day for democrats when some elitist’s daughter who hasn’t done squat can sway the movement of an election.

That entire editorial was not just a swipe at Hillary; it kicked Bill’s legacy right in the face.

Let’s face it, what did JFK do this country?

Marshall said...

What did JFK do this country?

Are you serious?

Wow talk about bad manners and even a poorer understanding of history.

Watch out Carolyn, the Clinton attack machine is about to fire up and as we have seen nothing is off limits.

Misty Fowler said...

The SL Trib also picked Orrin Hatch over Pete Ashdown in '06, so it didn't surprise me to hear that they had shown poor judgment once again.

Rob said...

Nikki, the Democratic Party in Utah will support our candidate, whomever that may be.

We are looking towards our future, always.

Rob said...

I agree Marshall, JFK was one of our nations brightest stars and deserves that respect.

nikki said...

Admittedly, I've been very angry with Hillary because of the tactics she employed in Iowa and New Hampshire, but now I've come an understanding about her desperation.

Ironically, it's the video that the Slate put together comparing her to the character Tracy Flick in "Election" that made me sympathetic. Watch the video here.

I was seriously to the point of considering McCain over Hillary if it came down to the two.

If Hillary becomes the nominee I will probably vote for her, but I'm not sure I'd campaign for her.

For Obama, I went door-to-door in northern Nevada. We switched a lot of independents and republicans to the democratic party during this election. With the help of a diverse group of volunteers from Utah, the victory in rural Nevada was overwhelming.

I firmly believe that Hillary's nomination will be a setback for the party in the west. If she gets the nomination, hopefully I'm proven wrong.

Jesse Harris said...

Misty stole the words right out of my mouth.

Rob said...

Ya, but they picked Christian Burridge and Ralph Becker too.

Anonymous said...

“….the Democratic Party in Utah will support our candidate, whomever that may be.”

Isn’t this the same sort of thing that was being said in Germany in the Early 1930’s – My candidate right or wrong – but always right?

That is a very scary mind set Rob