Sunday, January 27, 2008

More on Chelsea Clinton's Utah Visit

SL Trib: Chelsea Clinton to campaign in Utah for Hillary

KSL: Chelsea Clinton to stump for mom in Utah

KUTV: Chelsea Clinton Will Come To Utah For Mom's Campaign


nikki said...

Only Chelsea?

Hillary still has not shown her face in this state.

Will said...

More bad manners from the Obama campaign.

Marshall said...

You want to talk about bad manners? How about the fact that our state was ignored the whole time the Clinton folks were running the DNC. They don't think they need to run a national party and can ignore places like Utah. Isn't it funny how the Clinton campaign is following the exact same model? The Clinton campaign thinks they can just swoop in at the last minute and people will just magically care. Same horrible strategies gave us George W. Call me unimpressed.

Obama on the other hand visited back in August and he is opening another campaign office in St. George. Obama has had a campaign office open since December. Obama has put real resources in our state to connect with grassroots Democrats. That is how you run a 50 state campaign.

WP said...

Obama gives me hope. Hillary assures us a rehash of the past which was better than W certainly but not as good it will be with an Obama White House.

nikki said...

Bad manners, Will? Hillary has asked for your money and your support yet seems to ignore rural areas and red states. Those sound like bad manners to me. She should come to Utah.

Maybe it is uncomfortable for her, but it would mean something to Utah democrats who might have to vote for her in the general election. A little political courage is needed right now.

I've been very disappointed with her campaign lately, though I do think we have good choices of democrats for this election. Hillary is a very capable and accomplished women (though I haven't always agreed with her voting record) and should not need to distort Obama's record to further her career. I think SC showed some backlash to those tactics.

Misty Fowler said...

Bad manners? Have you not read the comments on the SL Trib article? Stating the truth may not always be the most polite thing to do, but at least we are sticking to the truth.

Vanessa said...

So do we hire someone fresh out of Harvard Business School with no job experience or very little? Or do we get someone in who is seasoned, knows the politics, the ins-and-outs and who has been managing for quite some time?
Hillary can't show her face in every state? Sincerely, who is doing all 50 states? Besides her daughter knows her campaign inside and out as well as her stance on the key issues at stake.