Thursday, January 24, 2008

Message to Tom DeLay: Who cares what you think?

Like most Americans, I'm puzzled by the vitriolic hatred many in the Republican Right have for John McCain. He has the epithet "RINO" slung at him more than anyone else in the Republican field - even though Rudy and Mitt have espoused positions far to the left of anything McCain has ever supported. Most ridiculous is when his critics cite his support of comprehensive immigration reform as proof of his rejection of everything Ronald Reagan held dear - when it was President Reagan who granted full blown amnesty to illegal immigrants in the Eighties.

The latest guy from the Right to weigh in on McCain's lack of conservative purity is Tom DeLay. Why the disgraced DeLay would think anyone would give a rat's behind about his opinion on anything is anyone's guess. Nevertheless, he announced this week that he would never vote for McCain for President - even if his opponent was the liberal Darth Vader-ess herself, Hillary Clinton.

I can understand DeLay's hatred of McCain. Knowing the history of both men, I'm sure McCain was a huge roadblock to DeLay's efforts to bloat the Federal budget with the most pork in history and sell Congress to his lobbyist buddies. No wonder DeLay hates the guy. Who wouldn't?

Suffice it to say, if Rush Limbaugh's constant attacks on McCain wasn't enough of an endorsement to convince average Americans he's the best guy on the Republican side, DeLay's anti-endorsement certainly should seal the deal.

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