Friday, January 25, 2008

"Back in the Day"

Do you remember back in the day before you were J.M. Bell, Militant Progressive, and I became Vice Boss Rob (nickname credit to AG Shurtleff), The Utah Amicus?

Back then you were Effie Mayflower Bell and I was simply known as Dude.

I had my fro, and you had your, ummm, well anyway, I had my fro.

Do you remember how PO'd Greggy C. and Curt B. got when we beat them out as student body officers at Olympus High? Those two were so jealous of us. We both had choppers, good looking girlfriends, and we could see over the counter at the 7-11 without a step-stool.

I wonder what Greggy was thinking that night when he tried to siphon gas out of your hog? Remember when we caught him and made he and Curt drink 3.2 beer until they puked? It only took two cans, and it may have seemed a bit harsh, but I'm sure at least one of them learned their lesson from the experience.

I can remember those hot summer nights when we used to be cruise down State Street listening to 2112 and Stairway to Heaven in my white convertible bug. We would drive around until we found our buddies Ethan , Tom, and Draino Bob. Do ya remember that night Bob fell out of the back of my car when he was trying to moon Misty on 13th East? LOL, what a dumbass!

Once we got the gang together we would head up to The Pie Pizzeria where Buttars worked. He may have always been begging for a ride but at least he was always good for a free Zappie.

Speaking of Buttars, can you remember that time he begged us to go to the KRSP bikini contest that was being held at Sugarhouse Park? Remember how he promised to give us gas money if we let him tag along, but instead he got busted selling a lid of wacky tobaccky to some undercover cop and was sent to some Southern Utah wilderness reform school where they beat the hell out of him. I think that's where he came up with that intelligent design thing. .

Well, those days are long gone and now we have to act all respectable and all, but those were some fun times Effie, whoops, I mean J.M., "Back in the Day."


Anonymous said...

Man, I hope this photo doesn't make it into the mainstream press. If it does, the Democrats are doomed this year!

Richard W. said...

Like, wow man, you and Jeff are out of this world, man. Can you dig it? That is so far out!
Looks like you were coming out of a Dead concert, that's cool.
Peace Bro!

the General said...

Back in the day???? You want to know about back in the day?? Your back in the day was when some of us were trying to get back into society after having our lives interupted by some conflict 10,000 miles away. When the nation was being torn apart by riots and protests. When we knew who are enemies were and where they lived. The wonderful theory known as MAD, not a theory so much as a fact of life. Everyone has their back in the day just depends on when you were born. The General returns

Cameron said...

That's a good look for you Rob. I'm diggin the fro.

Emily said...

This is the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. I absolutely love it.

Good Friday mornin humor, after having spent my first week on the hill.


Jason The said...

Some things never change...


Paul Hanson said...

This is the best political post ever!

Poor Buttars! LOL!!!