Tuesday, October 09, 2007

THE SIDETRACK: Democratic Party of Utah Weekend Training Retreat

From The SideTrack:
"This past weekend, the Democratic Party of Utah allowed us to sit in on their grassroots training presentations, and drink all of their coffee. The event was part of their retreat and training weekend at Sherwood Hills Resort.

Though The SideTrack and Rob Miller (who is as well informed as his blog suggests) were the only bloggers present, it was encouraging to find evidence of a strong online presence within the party. New tools being put to use include an online voter/fundraising database, called Vote Builder, as well as ActBlue pages created for party committees."

Click here to checkout The SIDETRACK's Democratic Party of Utah Weekend Training Retreat.

Thanks for coming by guys, and know that The SIDETRACK is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by The Utah Amicus!

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