Thursday, September 20, 2007

Dan Harrie is "Standing by it"

Standing by it.

In response to LavArr's comments:

All he says is likely true. Nevertheless, here are some facts -- verifiable by anyone who chooses to.

The state Commerce Department lists Webb as a director of Parents for Choice in Education Inc., in its current, active filing.

His Exoro Group received $7,000 from Parents for Choice in the 2004 election cycle. Yes, that was "years ago" but not that many years. And he published paid advertorials from Parents for Choice in your

Like I said, none of this is bad. It's all very fine and more power to him. But the connection should be disclosed in his column. Simple and helpful to readers of the column, like me.


From Lt. Gov.'s financial disclosure site

Exoro Information Corp.
Database creation and maintenance fee

Exoro Information Corp.
Database completion of startup and maintenance fee for July/Aug/Sept

The Exoro Group

From the Utah Department of Commerce

Name: Parents for Choice in Education, INC
Type: Corporation
City: Salt Lake City
Status: Active

Director: Doug Holmes
Director: Jordon Clements
Director: LaVarr Webb
Registered Agent: Elisa Clements
Secretary: Elisa Clements

This information was confirmed as active as of September 20, 2007

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