Saturday, September 01, 2007

Parents for Choice in Education break the Ninth Commandment

From the Parents for Choice in Education Newsletter:
Choice opponents' situational ethics don't stop there. The education establishment continues to use public resources, paid for by your tax dollars, in their campaign to take choice away from Utah parents.

This week in the "launch" of their campaign, opponents of parental choice drove a Salt Lake School District bus across three counties.

Fact: The bus Utahns for Public Schools used was privately owned.

I guess not baring false witness only matters on Sundays, eh Doug.


Voice of Utah said...

So, did Ethan get it from them, or did they get it from Ethan?

Anonymous said...

Ethan asked the question, Parents for Choice lied about the answer.

theorris said...

They also violate the second greatest commandment (at least according to Jesus):

"And the second is like it: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments."

How so, you might ask? Well being so against public education and a fear of difference and diversity of humanity clearly shows that. To hate and fear your neighbor so egregiously that you wish to set up isolated and biased learning communities for children strikes this poor soul as shameful.

Rob said...

Thanks Theorris.

Bob said...

Should we really be surprised they are liars?


CraigJ said...

They ARE lying about the school bus. There was another bus there but it was for a field trip. Leah Barker was there - she knows which bus was used for the launch! I can't believe these people. They either have no morals or they hate public schools so much they rationalize to themselves it's ok to lie through their teeth!

And to think that Doug Holmes accused us on Friday of a "misinformation campaign" (another way of calling us liars).

THEY ARE LIARS! President Valentine should not defend these people any longer.

CraigJ said...

Whoops - Leah wasn't there. Doesn't change anything but wanted to clarify.

Anonymous said...

They have no morals AND they hate public schools.

The Spyglass said...

How does a school bus paid for with tax dollars become privately owned? If this bus is able to drive around the state it must be in pretty good shape. How was this bus obtained? was it surplus? Why was it surplus? Do we now have too many school busses here in Utah. I'm sure one of the rural communities would have loved getting this bus for their kids? Since the State Democratic Party is spearheading the anti-voucher effort, help me to understand this Rob?



CraigJ said...

Mark "Troll" Towner,

Are you deliberately trying to pick a fight? The facts are crystal clear - the bus that was used was a private bus. I can give you the cell phone number of the driver if you'd like to talk to him.

Do you really want to know what happened or are you just trolling about for a little cyber-rumble in the bit-jungle?

And nice try on turning this into a partisan battle. PCE's tried that, too. It doesn't work because Republicans also know this is a bad bill.

Rob said...

Mark, you really need to get your facts straight. The Democratic Party is not spearheading this dilligent and non-partisan effort.

Be honest Mark. Instead of being truthful you're trying to help with a false impression by your suggestions, which really is no better than PCE lying about the bus, but as we all know anti-community/pro-voucher ferengis will do anything, ANYTHING they can to twist facts and misinform the public.

If you can't win on the merits of the issue (because there aren't any) than lie, lie, lie.

Hope your mom is doing better Mark.