Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Senator Ed Mayne Health Update

"While being treated for pneumonia, the CT scan picked up evidence of cancer in his right lung. The bad thing is that Ed has cancer; the good thing is that the cancer was detected early. Senator Mayne has undergone ten days of testing to determine diagnosis and now has started aggressive chemotherapy treatment."

To read more on Senator Mayne's health visit:

Our prayers are with you Senator


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Ed, for all of your hard work in our behalf. You are a great statesman...a man of honor. God Bless you in your road to recovery. There are thousands of prayers being poured out to heaven for your complete recovery.

shauna said...

Dear Ed,
As your sister, I have had the honor and prvilege to watch you over the years as we've grown up together in a wonderful house raised by incredible parents. We were taught the true meaning of love and compassion. You are the oldest...the big brother of three little sisters. You always watched over us, protecting us from everything. "Right is Right and Wrong is wrong" in your book.
Even as a teenager you would look out for everyone. Helping those that needed help. You have been a champion of the people.
I have seen people come to you for help and advice. I remember a time when someone was down on their luck and had lost their job. You and Karen were ready to get some new blinds for your house. Instead, the man received the groceries he needed for his family. Then the time at the vets. You were just there to get your dog his shots. Someone came crying out of the doctors office. Apparently their dog needed surgery but they could not afford it. Out of your own pocket, you paid for that surgery. Another tear wiped away by you. The list goes on and on but for now, my big brother, we are fighting for another cause. We are fighting for "YOU." The outpouring of love and concern for you and your family has been wonderful.
I have used the word, "help," continuously in this letter and I want to thank everyone for there prayers in behlf of my precious brother,Ed. I know this will be a great "help" on his road to recovery.
You are a great man, Ed. An example to so many. We will win this fight against cancer. Your family, friends and the State of Utah need you.
I love you so very much,Ed.
Your Sis,

Bud said...

Stay Strong, Ed. We are all praying for your complete recovery. You are loved by so many. God Bless you.

Anonymous said...

Ed,you are my hero! You have led with honor and integrity as a Utah State Senator and President of the AFL-CIO. All of Labor in the State of Utah owes you a great debt of gratitude!! My prayers are with you as you fight your way back to the wellness and health that you are so deserving of. Be well my friend....... JCW/BLET

Anonymous said...

Dear Ed,
I was so touched by the opening ceremonies at a "Taste of Kearns." I have always been amazed at the work you do for the community and state we live in. To have your head shaved and try to raise money for Cancer Awareness when you, yourself, are going through chemo, is another act of you constantly giving of yourself, to make life better for others.
May God Bless you...we all need you. You are a great man.
Maggie and Mike