Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Gasoline Gouging in Utah


Chevron on 12th Street in Ogden

Update: The Bountiful Chevron on 2600 South, (close to the refineries) is charging $2.94 9/10.


Anonymous said...

Chevron sucks.

Anonymous said...

What you are doing is a perfect example of consumer activitsm. Instead of being passive recipients of any price the shove at us, knowing and reacting to the market makes you a valuable player in the economic system.

I don't think we have to storm the barricades everytime the price goes up (we sure don't freak out when it inevitably falls again).

But watching for lower prices keeps pressure on the market. Even better would be to conserve and drive more efficiently.

Tyler Farrer said...

Honestly, I need an education here because I fail to see how a couple of cents difference constitutes gas gouging. Aren't those different Chevrons, and Sinclair's operated by different franchise-owners. They have different levels of fuel in their tanks which they work through at a different pace.

Straiten me out, and by all means continue to trumpet this issue because I like cheaper gas!

Rob said...

The gouging I'm talking about is simply the high cost of gasoline.

The few cents was just an observation.

I fill up at least twice a week, sometime three times. For me it is worth driving a block to save a few cents.

Tyler Farrer said...

I couldn't agree more, then.

The Deseret Spectacle said...

This stuff drives me insane. The whole "they have different levels of fuel in their tanks which they work through at a different pace" was an excuse proffered up during the last round of gouging and is the first time I've heard of such a silly thing.

These franchises go through a ton of gas, and if that really WERE the case, then why do prices skyrocket instantly when gas futures have a sudden spike?


Anonymous said...


You fill up twice a week? Do you drive a hummer to work?

I thought Democrats were about public transportation and saving the planet from global warming?

Why would you want gas prices to go down when that will give everyone even more incentive to burn more gasoline and add more pollutants into the air?

If you're really for stopping CO2 emissions, then nothing should look better to you than high gas prices because high gas prices mean people will conserve more and be more likely to use public transportation.

Anonymous said...

It is intresting that so many people are complaining about the price of gas but are driving gas guzzlers. You want the government to step in and do something but at the same time you want the government out of your business. Drive a more effienct car, go back to letting the kids walk to the baseball field and to school, it sure did not hurt us any.