Thursday, April 26, 2007

Satan is alive and well and living in Utah County

Utah County GOP delegate links illegal immigration to Satan

By Deborah Bulkeley
Deseret Morning News
The devil is sticking his pitchfork into the nation's immigration politics.

At least that's what one of Utah County's Republican delegates thinks.

Don Larsen, a district chairman, has submitted a resolution equating illegal immigration to "Satan's plan to destroy the U.S. by stealth invasion" for debate at Saturday's Utah County Republican Party Convention."

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Oldenburg said...
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Oldenburg said...

Sounds like someone is planning on running against Chris Cannon.

JM Bell said...

Yeah, with John Jacob all finished, I guess Satan needs something to do. Idle Hands are the ... wait a sec ...

I guess it's not supposed to make sense.

Rollin Cook said...

Satan and Utah County are synonomous with the Utah Democratic Party. Illegal Aliens are spawns of Satan. They congrgate en-masse in Happy Valley where the $8 an hour jobs are plentiful. Get 'em on a plane back to Juarez.

Anonymous said...

Rollin cooks crack,

You better lay off the crack Rollin; it has been the Republican majority that has allowed immigration to get out of hand.

Anonymous said...

Democratic party? Ahem, who's been in charge in Washington?