Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Remembering Wayne Owens

KSL: Former Congressman Wayne Owens Honored

Deseret News: Wayne Owens praised as politician without peer

Jay M. Hammond: Douglas Wayne Owens

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Oldenburg said...

No matter where you stand on issues, you have to respect Wayne. The two last things he did before he died was 1) lead search parties looking for Elizabeth Smart and 2) made a trip to Israel to work towards peace in the Middle East.

I visited him in Washington a few months prior to his death. He looked tired, but still optimistic that he, a Mormon, could forge peace between Jews and and Muslims. He told me that despite the Infidata and all the violence in the region (this was prior to the Iraq war mind you) the people of both countries want peace.

He said they want jobs, and drinking water, and homes, and safe neighborhoods. Wayne was a good man in the truest sense of the word, and I am proud to say I knew him.