Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Voucher Truths

The Goal:

"I proclaim publicly that I favor ending government involvement in education."

Paul Mero

President, Sutherland Institute


Anonymous said...

"But we want your tax dollars to fund our profit."

Anonymous said...

Could he be Anon?

Anonymous said...

This is anti-American. Public education is the system that helped create America's greatest generation.

By the way, I'm not Paul Mero.

Thank God!

Richard Watson said...

I proclaim publicly that I favor ending government involvement in fire departments, police departments, santitation departments, airports, the military, health departments, road
maintenance, and sewage departments. The "free market" could handle all of that. I also proclaim publicly that I favor ending all government entitlements due to Paul Mero.

Homer said...

What is it about education that gets Mero's knickers all worked up?? People wail about educational monopolies and teachers taking control of children from their parents, but where is this happening?

And why is this paranoia only centered on our society's institution of education and not on public safety, healthcare, transportation systems, road networks, sewers, water districts, homeland security, coast guard, airport control towers, etc. I could go on and on with the list of things "we the people" pay and direct our government to do on our behalf.

What is the big hang up with education? Sometimes I think it is as simple as people expressing a visceral jealousy of a teacher who works on a 10 month contract instead of punching an hourly clock.

Maybe it has to do with parents deeply fearful of their children's growing (perfectly normal by the way) indepence towards adulthood.

Whatever, there is something strange about the intensity of this particular crusade by Paul Mero and his comrades that should be explained. At least so we can begin to understand this fight.

Emily said...

Homer -

Here here!

Homer said...

El Mero Mero proclaims that is working to end government involvement in education so where does he stand on the whole voucher thing?

A government-run public subsidy of private choices smells like socialism to me. It isn't any less hypocritical just because Mero thinks public education is of the devil (apologies to the devil).

He undermines his own self-righteous proclamations with his own grab of the public dollar.

You can't condemn it and exploit it at the same time. People might question your motives!

Anonymous said...

It's fabulous that Mero's kids do not even attend public schools. Did you know that? In fact, they do not attend a formal school at all. Last I checked, they were home-schooled. Remind me again how he's such an expert on the public school system? Although I'm no big fan of Utah's seemingly poor education system, I do prefer to have my experts involved in the very system they wish to critique.

Joycelynn Straight said...

I'm not shocked at Paul Mero's "proclamation", but I do find it shameful.

Like Mero, I home-schooled my son for half of his elementary school years. Unlike him, I would never advocate robbing my neighbor's children of money for their public school education, by demanding public funds to privately educate my child (I have no doubt that the tax credits/vouchers crowd's next target is public funding of homeschools.)

Parents, please make your 'choice' by signing the referendum petition to oppose school vouchers. We've already suffered through a shameful period of segregation in our history. Should vouchers become law, Utah will again become segregated, but this time, school segregation will be based on income -- not on race.

Just say NO to school vouchers !

Paul Mero said...

Hey Rob, you could at least use an updated pic of me. I've lost 40 lbs.

Also, I am learning more and more about blogs each day. For instance this one, I've learned that people talk about other people as if that person is actually a part of the conversation, and like they know them. Interesting.


Rob said...


Didn't you know that the vice chair knows everyone?

Please send The Utah Amicus an updated photo.

Nanacy Pomeroy has my e-nmail address, or you can reach me at 801-706-6203 anytime before 8PM.

With every best wish,