Sunday, March 11, 2007

A Visit to Bear River High

Last month I took a drive up to Garland, Utah to meet with some students at Bear River High at the invitation of Art Douglas (D) and Bear River High Teacher, Steve Littlefield.

I had an wonderful time speaking with Mr. Littlefield's students and I was very impressed by the smart questions and statements that came from these young adults.

Topics the students were inters ted in were Divine Strake, Vouchers, the Democratic Presidential candidates, and redistricting and gerrymandering.

I truly enjoyed spending the day with the students, Art, and Mr. Littlefield, and let me add that it was a honor to have the opportunity to talk with the students about their concerns, and their future.

Thanks for the opportunity, enjoy the snapshots!

Box Elder resident Art Douglas addresses Mr. Littlefield's class

Art with Bear River High educator, Steve Littlefield

Thank You!


Anonymous said...

I fail to see what the UEA is complaining about, this room doesn't look over crowded to me.

Richard Watson said...

There you go again, making judgement of one picture. Since we're picking on the UEA, I think I should blame them for all my troubles. After all, my wife is a teacher.
I blame the UEA for the potholes in the street by my kid's school. I blame the UEA for making me overweight. I blame the UEA for the dirty air inversions. And I blame the UEA for the dents in my car.
Wow, I didn't realize just how evil the UEA is until now. I feel better by blaming everything on the UEA.
Thanks Anon.

Bob said...

A friend of mine graduated from Bear River. She said that the school was initially known as Brr High School. The community decided that having a school named after their winters wasn't good for tourism. So, they said that Brr was a misprint, it was BR and stood for Bear River.