Sunday, March 11, 2007

CPAC 2007: The Unauthorized Documentary

The Nation's Max Blumenthal takes us on a revealing (and at times shocking) tour of the Conservative Political Action Conference. Featuring Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Grover Norquist, Mitt Romney, Tom Tancredo, and many more. (more)

Hat tip: The World, According to Me


Craig said...

The quote of the piece award goes to Mitt Romney:

"I'm happy to learn also that after you listen to me you're going to hear from Ann Coulter; that is a good thing."

It's so reaffirming to see fellow members of the church embrace hate-mongering human trash.

Anonymous said...

Don’t under rate Ann Coulter, although I certainly don’t agree with her she is a voice for the under 35 voter.

Her books sell is in record numbers, students flock to college campuses to her hear speak and she has a devoted following.

Don’t dismiss her, she is very dangerous.

Anonymous said...

I love Ann Coulter
I just watched Ann Coulter on Hannity and Colmes and she is all that and a bag of chips. She makes no excuses for the schoolyard term.

I may have read too much into the remark or maybe she is scary smart. But her usage of the word faggot is the one we used when I was in grade school. We used to call a kid a f**** that was totally, utterly uncool. Like Wolcott. A loser. You know those kids - the one that ratted you out, or loved being the hall monitor, the one with the short pants.

She said John Edwards is a wuss, a pussy, a waldo, a geek, a putz, a faggot. He is. She said if he was gay it would have been an epithet, but he is married with children so how can it be an insult?

When asked what she thought of the three presidential candidates apologizing for her remarks, she smirked, why should they apologize for me? Barack Obama showed spine when he wouldn't apologize for David Geffen's remarks. And, she said, those same presidential candidates are going to be doing a lot of apologizing for her in the coming year. Ha!

I disagree with Malkin when she said, "with a single word, Coulter sullied the hard work of hundreds of CPAC participants and exhibitors and tarred the collective reputation of thousands of CPAC attendees." Let's be straight here, nobody was even talking about CPAC until Coulter entered stage right. Now it's all they are talking about.

My point is I hate how the right has completely thrown her under the bus. She is a brilliant, beautiful, acerbic, bright light of the right. The right can't run fast enough the other way. Seems to me they are a bunch of faggots as well.

Tom Barberi said...

Ann Coulter is a hate mongering douche bag. Hey....calm down, douche bag is only a school yard term for a feminine hygene product!

Anonymous said...

Anon #2,

You can have her. If her nasty, potty-mouthed, vile, venomous spew is your idea of good spokesmanship, the right in this country has fallen a long, long ways.

I would be embarrassed to be associated in any way with this horrible, hateful person. And she certainly ain't beautiful (bleh!!!).

I can only assume your post is a troll so I'll stop wasting any more of my time responding.

Anonymous said...

Why I Love Ann Coulter
Most of us are raised to be painstakingly civil. Worse, most of us Utahans are trained from birth to be thoroughly conflict-averse. And when you're a conservative in Utah, you're probably working on recovering from four decades of political Stockholm Syndrome, It's hard to be an assertive conservative, in short.
And yet, at the back of your mind as you confront some of the idiocy of mainstream liberalism, there's a voice in the back of your head - my college major advisor called it "the imp of the perverse" - that tells you "Grab that moron by the scruff of the neck and kick his ass!". Oh, yes, you're a well-trained midwestern conservative, and you stifle that voice. You bottle up the pure ridicule you feel for your dimbulb opponent. But you so desperately want to let it fly, just once.
And that's why we need Ann Coulter. She's the catharsis our inner conservative needs, the one to go ahead just do it, to just to ahead and say the sort of things that so many on the left feel no compunctions about saying.
Only - this is important - she's usually right

Anonymous said...

Ann Coulter Speaks For Me

In a recent diatribe on the House floor, Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Illinois) chastises Republican congressmen and asks if Ann Coulter speaks for them. Not one person spoke out.

Like many of his fellow Democrats, Rep. Rahm Emanuel went on to accuse Ann Coulter of being a "hatemonger". Take careful note of the words used to describe Ann Coulter by her outspoken adversaries, because they have special meaning.

Words like "hate" and "bigotry", often missused and many times holding no relevance are the recent buzzwords in today's politically correct society. Accusing someone of "hate" or "bigotry" is the modus operandi of America's so-called Democrats. Their intention is plain, simple and above all unconstitutional, to silence speech that they disagree with.

Ann Coulter brought to light an important issue for public debate, her scorn and ridicule was directed at four women from New Jersey who have shamelessly used their husband's coffins in what they thought were "iron soapboxes" to enter the political arena and level ridicule at the current administration. Leave it to Ann Coulter to kick their soapboxes out from underneath them.

This brings light to another issue, and that is that America's Democrats have shamefully made it a habit in the last few years of "13th stepping" grieving widows at every opportunity thinking somehow that these grieving widows were untouchable due to the fact that no one would dare challenge a person who has suffered a grievious loss even if even if this person later chooses to enter the political arena.

Regardless of how they were delivered or whether they were filled with hate, scorn or contept, Ann Coulter's comments were constitutional and contribute greatly to the free interchange of ideas and the ascertainment of truth.

Rep. Rahm Emanuel's tinyfisted tirade on the House floor proclaiming that; “The hate she spews is the same kind of hatred we're battling in the war on terror.” just goes to show how little this US Congressman knows about our country, what we stand for , what our forefathers and our brave soldiers today were and are willing to give their lives for.

Shame on you Rahm Emanuel.

Ann Coulter speaks for me.

Anonymous said...

Nothing more than writhing, twisted rationalizations justifying both her hate and your own...

It's easy to hate something if it doesn't have a face and you can slap demeaning labels on it.

She IS a hatemonger! Way to go, Rahm, for speaking against such divisive venomous bile.

Tom Barberi said...

If you tight-ass conservatives have so much of this bile backed up in your system, you don't need Ann Coulter, you need an enema!