Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Meet Marshall...

Before I arrived at the Davis County Democrat's breakfast last Saturday I already knew that I was going to meet Marshall, the Editor and Chief of The Wasatch Watcher. How did I know? The vice chair knows everything (especially about vouchers naughty Ethan).

Really, I do.

Marshall started The Wasatch Watcher, "a community where we watch all things Utah" in December of 2006. I took the following off of Marshall's blog:

"Have something to say?"

"You're encouraged to join. This blog is what we make it. Check out the quick guide on how to use this site. Register on the right hand side of the site, and you can be publishing your own thoughts in a diary within minutes. You can also leave us a comment on any story you read.

Already have a blog?

We welcome and encourage cross-posted stories, so please feel free to put your stories up as a diary.

Have a blog you want added to our blog roll? Contact us and we will arrange a link exchange.

Any other questions? Feel free to drop us a line."

The Wasatch Watcher is a great place for those who would enjoy participating on a blog, but don't want to run the risk of blogger's addiction (or the stress of posting regularly), or for those who would like to hone in on their blogging skills before taking that great lonely leap into the blogosphere where anything and everything can happen.

Check out The Wasatch Watcher by Marshall, the man who found the best barber shop in Davis County compliments of The Utah Amicus!

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