Thursday, February 22, 2007


Just found this tidbit.,1249,660197676,00.html

Chris Cannon needs to be more responsible about what he says on the radio and in public.

And, while we're on the subject, people need to STOP making the Trolley Square incident political. All we know is that a troubled kid got some guns and went into a public place where he could kill a lot of people. The end.

It isn't about terrorism, it isn't about gun conrol, it isn't even about being an immigrant. And most importantly, it is NOT about politics.

It's about a troubled kid who got some guns and went somewhere where he could kill a lot of people. We will probably never have a motive, and we might just have to live with that.

There will always be "theories" out there about why this happened. But no matter what, this is the wrong ocassion to promote a "pro-war" agenda. We need to promote truth, and our elected leaders need to promote truth. We owe that to all of the victims of this horrible tragedy.


Anonymous said...

Chris Cannon is an idiot! More people should have voted for Christian Burridge.

Hello Dashing said...

Well that has become increasingly obvious. Not sure why it wasn't obvious to everyone in November.