Monday, September 11, 2006

SLCSPIN asks, "Where were you when you heard?

I was at home taking care of our first child Abigail. Abby was seven months old, and this was the one day where I watched over her until her mother came home from work.

I had just recently taken on a new opportunity with a senior retirement residence that was struggling, and I remember my excitement that my good work was turning the place around.

I was holding Abigail in my arms and singing to her when Michelle called me and said, "something terrible has happened".

I went into our bedroom and turned on the television. The first tower had been hit and nobody had any idea what was going on. I called work to see how my seniors were doing, and then I called Michelle to let her know that I needed to get to work.

Within moments of that call the second plane hit the second tower. I remember thinking, "what kind of world have we brought Abby into".

At first I was numb, and then bewildered, but within moments of watching the second plane crash my emotions emerged and a great sadness took over.

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lillith said...

I saw the first plane crash on the morning news and I thought it was a horrible accident. I saw the second plane crash when I got to my job at the time (which was with a disaster response agency) and immediately kicked into my disaster job. I remember the realization that this was no accident and then the phone calls immediately started from family in Utah looking for loved ones in New York. I spent my day talking to scared and distraught individuals. By the end of the day, I was laying on the floor with a volunteers therapy dog crying hot tears. Rest in Peace Bailey. Thank you for being the best therapist a girl could have that day.