Tuesday, August 08, 2006

District 51 Candidate Lisa Johnson Blog and Website Announcement

Utah Amicus readers may remember Lisa Johnson from her well written article, An Educational Experience. Lisa is running for House District 51 as the Democratic Candidate, and what a impressive candidate she is.

Lisa earned a B.A. in English and Russian (magna cum laude) from Brigham Young University, as well as a M.A. in Linguistics (Outstanding Thesis Award). If you think that's impressive Lisa can also speak Korean.

Obviously Lisa is highly intelligent but what most impressive is Lisa's friendly and positive demeanor. When elected, Lisa will certainly bring to the legislature the qualities of a true statesman (or is it stateswoman), a quality we can all agree that our Utah legislature desperately needs more of.

I have often stated that the Utah Democratic Party has the best candidates for this election cycle, and it's my guarantee, promise, and testimony that Lisa Johnson is the best candidate for District 51.

To visit Lisa's website click here.

To visit Lisa's blog click here.

Or, you can contact Lisa atlisa@electlisa.org, or by calling 801-495-1035.

Go ahead and see for yourself why Democrat Lisa Johnson is the BEST CHOICE for Utah's District 51.


That One Guy said...

"statesperson" perhaps? Either way, looks like a valid choice for sure.

Hunter said...

Lisa did a spectacular job in this debate tonight. Calm, collected, and incredibly articulate. Kudos!

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