Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A Message From Utah Democratic Chair Wayne Holland on ActBlue

Your help is urgently needed to build the infrastructure for Utah's Democratic legislative candidates to raise funds through credit card contributions over the internet.

Candidates need this tool now before the election season heats up. We are counting on your to contribution ASAP!

Utah is well past the half-way point. We've raised over $7,500 of our $10,000 goal. So many people have contributed to this project including 11 incumbent legislators and 18 challenger candidates.

Most exciting is that 55 people from around the Country have also donated to this project through the Internet proving that we can raise money for Utah Democratic candidates through the Internet from across the nation.

That is why this project is SO important. Please contribute $35.00 by this Saturday, and pass this e-mail on to your friends so that Utah Democratic candidates can begin raising money, without paying to set up a merchant account, in full complience with election laws, NOW.

Here's the deal. For a one-time cost of $10,000, ActBlue will build out their infrastructure for Utah Democrats. The result allows candidates to accept credit card donations on-line. This is a permanant merchant account for all democratic State House and State Senate candidates. Each candidate will have their own individual account connected to a contribution page, like the one below, which ANYONE can put in an e-mail (like this one) or on any website. Each candidate will receive a check monthly (minus the actual transaction fee of approximately 2.6%) with state compliant required reports with contributors' information.

We can raise the balance to $10,000 THIS WEEK if we all kick in $35 and ask a few friends to kick in $35.

Remember, this will benefit Utah Democrats forever! Think 2008, 2010, 12, 14 etc. Everybody knows a stronger Democratic Party in Utah means better policy, better education, better heath care, and "fewer message bills."

Click Here To Help - Today

In addition to providing a number of new and critical strategic advantages, this project will make it possible for people to make donations by credit card directly to any Utah State Democratic House and Senate candidates and incumbents to from ANY website beginning shortly, and essentially forever.


Wayne Holland, Jr.
Utah State Democratic Party

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JM Bell said...

FYI - after yesterday's email, the ActBlue total just jumped to over $8600.00.

ALMOST THERE, indeed. Just a few more people and we're on our way.