Saturday, June 17, 2006

Where Utah Democrats Rule

Out of Context: The Tribune's political writers' blog

"Utah may have a few influential Republican bloggers, such as state Rep. Steve Urquhart and the Senate Site, but the blogosphere at this point is a Democratic haven.

Yes, even in Utah.

The first Utah Bloggers conference took place at the Sandy campus of the Salt Lake Community College last night and more than 120 people attended.

Republican state Reps. Craig Franks and Greg Hughes sat way in the back trying to learn how to blog, while state Democratic Party Vice Chairman Rob Miller and Democratic 3rd Congressional District candidate Christian Burridge (both bloggers) sat front and center.

But it was Pete Ashdown, the Democrat challenging Orrin Hatch, who stole the show."

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The Utah Bloggers conference was a blast. I especially enjoyed talking to Charley Foster, Deanna Taylor, and Phil Windley. Bob Aagard was there, but wouldn't loan me any money. Jeff Bell sat in back so he could spy on Reps. Franks and Hughes (Thats why we rule).

Charley, where's my photo?


Bob said...

I was there to pick up the money you owe me... :)


Charley Foster said...

Oh man, I totally forgot. A couple of shots of the large white male contingent (you, Bob and I) coming your way. It was great to chat with you guys and I hope there are other events to bring us back into a social situation in the near future.