Sunday, June 18, 2006

What's wrong in Weber County? Bill Hansen's goals to fix the problems!



I support the current County Commissioners on most issues; however, I will begin by cutting waste at the top. County elected officials should receive an appropriate salary and benefits, but public service should not be used for personal financial enrichment. I know their current salaries and benefits are inflated, and should be lowered to save the taxpayer money. A County Commissioner is a servant, and shouldn’t be paid C.E.O. wages, car allowances, or perks.

Our County Commission form of government acts as the legislative arm of government. However, they feel it is important to pay lobbyists tens of thousand of dollars per month to do their job. I will petition our State Legislators, U.S. Senators, and U.S Congressmen to bring state and federal tax dollars back to Weber County for our vital needs.

Pro-business is good. Development generated in the private sector creates a wealth that sustains a high living standard. I am committed to strengthening industries which provide a diverse economic base, with high paying quality Union jobs. I am concerned with the practice of giving subsidies to attract businesses to Weber County, especially when it hurts (or damages the economic vitality, of) existing businesses. We must keep the free markets free.

The current Commission holds its public meetings at 10:00 am. There is no doubt when public meetings are held in the evenings; more citizens have an active voice on issues. We must serve with integrity, dignity, responsiveness, and fiscal responsibility.

Every person has a right to be safe in their homes, neighborhoods, and communities. Law Enforcement must have the tools to reduce overall crime, to emphasize prevention, to aid victims, and to provide safety to its officers. It is also vital that we improve the communication infrastructure, and increase cooperation between federal, state, local law enforcement, fire, and EMS agencies for the safety of all. An important component of public safety is the offenders must be punished. Working in Law Enforcement, I know there must be more investment when it comes to locking up child predators. We must invest in adequate support of those who put their lives at risk, and have been injured in the line of duty. Public safety personal deserve a livable, competitive wage to support their families.

We all love our beautiful mountains, lakes, and streams for camping, boating, hunting and fishing. I am concerned about the dwindling lands critical to wildlife, agriculture, watershed, and open space. I am also concerned about adequate rural economic development to support the people of the rural areas of Weber County. I support efforts, both public and private, which meet the needs of the residents of rural areas, while preserving our rural heritage for future generations.

Part of the Commissioners responsibility is to serve as a “Check and Balance” on other County Elected Officials.

There is more than reasonable suspicion that the current County Recorder tried to help himself to his neighbor’s property. All three current Commissioners were negligent in not demanding further investigation of this situation; the reply was “I’m not his Boss.” This negligence says to all of us that Commissioners don’t care about our property rights. If they let it happen to one citizen they will let it happen to you.

Another responsibility of the Commission is to buy and sell County property. They have a history of buying land at the high end of the market, saying to Weber County Citizens that the purpose is “to preserve open space.” They also have a history of selling valuable land at bargain basement prices, again saying to us, “the property is worthless.” They are definitely taking advantage of us taxpayers! I will ensure that proper appraisals are completed before buying or selling property. We deserve accountability.

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