Thursday, June 22, 2006


Funny Rob. Thanks for the link. I expect I will enjoy the debates between the Republican nominee and Burridge. Some people (including your blog) were chapped that other candidates haven't been included in the debates thus far. I'm really okay with that since we're still trying to pick a GOP nominee. There will be time for interparty debates later.

Posted by Bradley to The Utah Amicus at 6/21/2006 10:50:44 PM


Rob said...
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Rob said...

Bradley. I agree. Most of the debating between Cannon and Jacob need not include Christian Burridge, that is a given. But, in Richfield, the debate was already arranged. They accommodated him (Chris), around his (Cannon's) schedule.

What was stolen from the citizens was the opportunity to see the big picture. It may possibly be the only chance for those who are voting the opportunity to witness who would fair better against Christian. Don't you think they should know?

From what I'm hearing, Mr Burridge is a fresh breath of air in the Third District. It excites me that we have the best candidate. Watching Mr. Burridge become the people's champion from District Three is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

R U calling Bradley a Chicken Rob?

Rob said...

Heck no!

Anonymous said...

But u r calling somebody chicken?

Rob said...

"BaWk BAWK!"

Senor X said...

Went to the Utah Minuteman meeting last night at the SL County buildiing that featured "Patriotic Americans".....among others, Glen Donnelson (R) from House 7, Alex Segura from the Minuteman project in Utah, a spokesperson of sorts from The John Birch Society...or "JBS" for those radical and crazy youngsters out there, some Republican candidates for some House and Sherrif races (They love Mexicans...Glenn Donnelson grew up with a few back in the 1920's....but their not racist, they just hate everyone :), and the rest of the Brady Bunch....sans Alice.

Best part was John Jacob......nice speaker, nice suit....when talking about his "incident" in the papers about breaking the law and about hiring
foreign students who could only study here legally and NOT WORK LEGALLY.....maybe work ON campus (with certain visas, of course), he stated that he was only doing what was in his heart......and that he doesn't really know that much about immigration, the law, or what the differences were with visas and what types there are.......HELL, he even said that if you gave him one to look at, he wouldn't be able to tell you what it means, or even if it is real!

He admits that he is not up to snuff on immigration........

This is the same guy who is leading the fight against......"illegal immigration" and is the key point of his election platform and battle!?

Republicans are willing to trade in one guy who knows nothing for another guy who knows nothing?????

I hope that the voters are smarter than those who are running.

This isn't a race to see who can becoming Homecoming King.........or sell the most Girl Scout Cookies and win a trip to Lagoon.

Only real choice appears to be Burridge.