Wednesday, May 31, 2006


A televised debate was scheduled for tomorrow night in Richfield, Utah between 3rd District Republican candidates, Chris Cannon and John Jacob, and Democrat Christian Burridge.

Once Rep. Cannon discovered that Democrat Christian Burridge was to be included in the debate he had a staff member call the station representative several times in an attempt to discourage the station from allowing Christian's participation in the debate. When the station expressed that it was the will of the local people to include candidate Christian Burridge, Rep. Cannon suddenly decided that he had a "scheduling conflict".

When John Jacob heard that Cannon would not be attending the debate he told the station rep. that it would be presumptuous on his part to assume that he would be the Republican nominee, and as such it would be improper to debate candidate Burridge. It was Jacob's opinion that there should be two separate interviews held instead of the debate.

Here is my first question; how can we express confidence in these two Republican candidates to stand up and fight for Utahns in Washington, DC when they are too scared to debate their local Democratic opponent in Richfield, Utah? The answer is quite simply, we cannot.

Let me ask another important question: WHAT ARE YOU GUYS AFRAID OF?

This answer is easy; YOU MUST BE AFRAID OF A BETTER MAN! A man who has energy, optimism, and who espouses new ideas. A man who will represent the Utahns who will elect, and put their trust in him. A man who isn't afraid to take his opponents on, anywhere, and anytime.

Unfortunately for the Utah Republican Party, energy, optimism, and ideology is dead in this race. Just look at the two Republican candidates running for this seat. Two millionaires who ultimately believe that they can buy their way into office. How unfortunate is this for the citizens of Utah's Third District. In reality, the Republican Party has become a rich man's game. It no longer has anything to do with public service, good government, fiscal responsibility, or putting Utah citizens first.

John Jacob said that all he needs to do is show Utahns that he can be a congressman. Cannon on the other hand must feel that he can ignore the fact that the Democrats have provided a qualified candidate. What Democrats understand is that the good citizens of Utah are looking for someone who is real, someone who inspires hope, someone who inspires courage. What they are looking for is Democrat Christian Burridge.

Christian and I will be driving to Richfield tomorrow. We will be there for the debate. We challenge Rep. Cannon and Mr. Jacob to do the right thing, and show up. The citizens of the Third District deserve nothing less.

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Emily For Utah Senate 28 said...

Looks to me like Politics as usual!!

Anonymous said...

Go redeem yourselves boys!

John Marlor said...

ANYMOUSE who are you talking about the rich boys who are in it for themselves or the ones who actually want to represent that district? My guess you like the rich boys mmmmmm Rich Boys!
Answer this what eastern PAC is behind these good ol rich boys? Are they afraid that they will loose their big tax breaks to someone who wants to look out for the pocket books of the people rather than their own? Redeem themselves???? They have shown their true colors and are afraid that they might actually have to come up with ideas if they debate someone other than themselves in a mirror. Republicians will sell us out to big business faster than whats his name Jeffs will marry off his 12 year old sister to a 50 year old neighbor.

bah humbug said...

Rob I can't tell which one is which in the picture. Which is Joe and which one is Mr. Jacob? I don't want to confuse one with the junior senator from Wis. whose name was Joe also.

Rob said...

Thanks Bah, I think Joe is hiding in the back.

theorris said...

Thanks for writing about the old boy's club (literally) that is Utah Politics in general.

Anonymous said...

It would be stupidity for the two Republicans to agree to a debate with the Democratic nominee before they know who the Republican nominee even is. You people who advocate such a debate just give me more insight into why the Democratic Party in Utah is so hard pressed to win. You are functionally politically illiterate.

Rob said...

It would have allowed the good citizens of the district to see the complete picture. It would have helped them make the best choice for the primary.

If Jacob was smarter, and had taken the challenge, he might not have been left in the dust, but I doubt it.

Your reaction just shows your fear, and your arrogance. The citizens of District Three deserve better. They deserve Christian Burridge.

Insulting me also proves that I picked a most appropriate photo for this post, but no worries, I forgive you.

Thanks or writing, and give John my best.