Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Senator Pete Goes To Washington!

One of my favorite Movies is Mr. Smith Goes To Washington. Its the story of Jefferson Smith, the ethical and honest leader of the Boy Rangers, who is appointed on a lark by the spineless governor of his state. In Washington, Smith matures in wisdom, fights political corruption within the state's political machine, and guards American Values as a moral hero. In many ways, in the best ways, Jefferson Smith is Pete Ashdown.

This weekend I went to four Democartic county conventions; Emery, Carbon, Washington, and Iron. Each convention was different except in one way, it was very obvious at each stop that Pete Ashdown should be and could be our next Senator.

Everywhere I go I hear from both Republicans and Democrats that it is time for a change. Every time I attend an event where Pete speaks, I go away with a greater understanding that Pete is the man who should replace our current Senator, a man who has lost touch with the citizens of Utah.

Pete Ashdown is our best hope to once again bring Utah's voice to Washington, but he needs our help. Orrin Hatch represents special interest. Pete Ashdown represents the common Utah citizen. Since it is the Utah citizen that needs representation in Washington, then it should be Utah citizens that reach deep into their hearts, as well as their pockets and DONATE to Pete's campaign.

We know that we want change, so why don't we understand that it is just as much our responsibility as it is Pete's?

Please, lets not let another election season go by and realize tto late that we had an opportunity for change, but missed it due to apathy. If you have not had the chance to hear Pete, then do so. If you want to know more about Pete than check out his website here.

We can change the world for the better, but that means we need to participate and send those to Washington who will truly represent us, the good citizens of Utah, not Big Oil, pharmaceutical corporations, or the upper one percent of society. The time has come for the middle class to take back Washington, our country, and our great state. The time has come to sendPete Ashdown to Washington. You will be happy that you did.



Stenar said...

You can also see my blog about why I support Pete here:

Paul Hanson said...

I love Miller's comparison to Capra's movie. In the movie the corporate Taylor media machine libels Smith in an attempt to destroy him, but Smith's army of boy rangers come to the rescue to reveal the truth.

I'm laughing and crying by today's blog swarm for Pete, and the boy and girl rangers who are spreading his truth.

Good work, I'm voting for Pete!

Anonymous said...

Cool, were does Pete stand on undocumented workers?

Emily For Utah Senate 28 said...

Pete Ashdown for Senate! The more I hear Pete speak, the more I know he is the right person for Utah. He needs cash folks. Send him money!


What I really love about Pete Ashdown, is this... for years I have heard people try to define what a democrat is. But when I listen to Pete, he speaks about freedom and privacy and all of the things that are important to all Americans. He defines what an American is, and that goes way beyond political parties. One of my favorite quotes from Pete:

"All in all, I find myself more closely aligned with Democrats, but wish we didn't have a party system at all. I believe it prevents representatives from acting and thinking for their constituents' best interests. Nevertheless, its what we've got and I don't envision change from the two party system in my lifetime."

This is so American!

I am so proud to know him. Spread the word, tell your friends, tell the predominate Utah political party to quit defining who the democrats are, and have them get to know Pete Ashdown. GO GO GO!