Thursday, May 18, 2006

Democratic Convention Keynote Speaker, Gold Medalist Joey Cheek: Best of the Best for May 2006

Olympic Gold Medalist Joey Cheek was this year's Democratic Convention keynote speaker. His humility was obvious, his demeanor was kind and honest. The Republican's have Jim Shea, the guy who threw a tantrum when he was disqualified from running for office in Utah. We have Joey Cheek, a man who gave his $40,000.00 Olympic prize money to charity, and who understands that there is more to life than his gold medal.

I hope I can obtain a copy of his speech, but if not it is my hope that those who were listening heard his message loud and clear.

I believe that Mr. Cheek should be awarded the Gold Medal of Life. I also believe that this is just the beginning of a great man who should consider a political career. Like our 4, Pete Ashdown, Steve Olsen, Congressman Jim Matheson, and Christian Burridge, Joey Cheek is the "real deal!"

Thanks for speaking at the 2006 Utah Democratic Convention, and consider yourself the Best of the Best for May on The Utah Amicus.


charmedimsure said...

WOW, sounds like a good guy. We need to have good candidates for poltical office in Utah, someone who runs and keeps prinicples, not who plays politics.

John Marlor said...

Having attended the convention I can say that the speech of Mr Cheek was excellent. It delt with the positive aspects of working together to achieve a mutual goal. No smoke and mirrors just plain talk, no I am right and if you don't agree with me you must be some kind of vile person. Maybe he should have given that speech to the Republicians and they might get the hint that we are all in the battle together as a nation and their ideas are not the only good ones. Wait! I have been fooling myself. The Republicians think they are God's gift to God and only they have the answers, no matter how out in right field they are, well they can't be in left field. The dream of a country that works together vs. the nightmare of a country dominated by one party at the expense of freedom and liberty for those who disagree with them. the government listening in on the phone conservations of the U.S. Imans..insert Jerry and Pat.. or those of us who are just regular people? Back to the speech Thank you Mr Cheek for your inspiring words and your upbeat attitude.