Thursday, May 18, 2006

Democrats Have Seven Primary Contests

Only one of these races was forced into primary at the State Convention, however there will be seven races decided on June 27th.

Legislative District 08 : Trent Alvord and Matt Frandsen
Legislative District 25: Josh Ewing and Christine Johnson
Carbon County Recorder: Vikki Barnett and Sharon Murdock
San Juan County Comission: Kenneth Maryboy & Manuel Morgan
Summit County Assessor: Barbara Kresser and Ron Perry
Summit County Clerk: Kent Jones and Cindy LoPiccolo
Tooele County Commission: Thomas Kendall and Walt Shubert


brett said...

Correction: June 27

Anonymous said...

Correction: Leg District 08 and 25.

Ledge? Are they going to jump off of it.

Rob said...

I told you Marlor, you owe Ashdown $50.00 big ones.

John Marlor said...

Nice message on my answering machine, NOT! You can't prove that it was Ashdown's anal retentive cm or the other guy either!

They posted anonymously and that means you owe Ashdown fifty bucks!

Rob said...

I gave him $50.00 from both of us old timer, stop being so cheep.