Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Davis County Clipper Poll on My Race for Davis County Commission

The Davis County Clipper has decided to do a poll. Their question is this, "If the vote were held today and you were able to select just one of the following for County Commissioner, which would you choose? Dannie McConkie, Bret Millburn, or Rob Miller."

When I looked at the poll McConkie, who was ousted at convention, had 34 votes giving him a 35% of the vote. Brett Millburn, my real opponent, had 38 votes with 39% of the vote. I had 21 votes with 22% of the vote. I guess I'm doing pretty good considering both McConkie and Millburn have been featured in the Clipper which I have not, and since no Democrat has been elected in Davis County for 12 years. I guess now I have to win.

Let the race begin, and thanks to the Clipper for turning up the gas that feeds the fire in my belly.

To see the poll click here ,and look to your right.


Pete Ashdown said...

I'm glad its the gas feeding the fire and not the other way around.

Rob said...

After speaking with Todd Taylor who said he had an enjoyable belly laugh this morning when after reading my quote on Utah Policy Daily, I wondered if I should possibly change my wording. That thought lasted two seconds, about as long as a....