Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Sami Boy Loves Salsa at La Frontera

The Miller Family visits The New La Frontera in Bountiful, 370 West 500 South

La Frontera has opened a new restaurant in Bountiful on 370 West 500 South. It is always exciting when a new eating establishment opens in Bountiful, and even more so when its a restaurant that serves one of my favorite dishes. For years I have been chasing La Frontera's ribs. They melt in your mouth better than M&M's and the flavor last oh so much longer.

More fun
than eating great food was watching Sami Boy. As anyone knows who has been to La Frontera, the salsa is mighty spicy. When Michelle saw Sami dip his chip into the salsa she tried to stop him but it was too late, Sami's baptism was complete. What amazed Michelle and I was how our one year old continued to dip his chips in the salsa without any reaction, or at least no reaction for about five to ten minutes. Suddenly, Sami Boy held his mouth, let out a small yelp, drank his root beer, and then grabbed another chip. Even after experiencing the burn, Sami Boy went back for more, a sign that he is his father's son.

Sami Boy, Abby, Anna, Michelle, and I Highly Recommend La Frontera in Bountiful with the one understanding that anyone under 18 must try the salsa at their own risk. OLA

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