Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Desperate Mia Love supporter bears false witness

Today, former Rep. Holly Richardson, a.k.a., Holly on the Hill, posted this on her blog, Facebook and Twitter pages,"This is what desperation looks like. Matheson campaign urges volunteers to lie," but the truth is, Jim Matheson's campaign did not send out this e-mail.

When I wrote on Holly's Facebook page that I was surprised that she would bear false witness her response was, "Prove it Rob!"

It is sad that a former GOP member of the Utah State House of Representatives, a person who claims to believe in the Constitution, would not understand that the as the accuser, the burden of proof is in her hands.

At least one person who posted the same forgery on his Facebook page has stated that he now believes the letter is a fake. I guess I can only hope that Holly and anyone else who has posted the forgery will choose the right and admit that they have no proof where the e-mail came from and that they were wrong to pass along the forgery without authenticating it first.

Choose the Right, Rep Holly!  You are worthy of redemption.

With every best wish,

The Utah Amicus

UPDATE: That didn't take long.  Former Rep. Holly Richardson just posted this, "Pulling down the post, going back to sewing."


Anonymous said...

"It is sad that ... a person ... would not understand that the as the accuser, the burden of proof is in her hands."

So you accuse her of bearing false witness, yet she's the one who holds the burden of proof? Not sure how that makes sense. Please elaborate.

Rob said...

I was right, she took the post down. Glad I was there.