Friday, April 06, 2012

Utah Foundation survey says Gubernatorial candidate Peter Cooke's priorities are most in line with Utah voters

Utah Foundation recently released The 2012 Utah Priorities Survey, which provides a summary of the findings of a statewide Dan Jones & Associates survey assessing which issues are most important this election year and how voters feel about Utah’s economy, society and politics. For the first time, Utah Foundation also requested that the gubernatorial candidates complete part of this survey. All of the Republican and Democratic candidates and two of three third-party candidates completed the survey.

The candidates were asked to complete two main sections from the 2012 Utah Priorities Survey. The first gauged their feelings on quality of life in Utah, and the second asked them to prioritize 19 policy issues that were previously identified by voters as important in the upcoming election. This allowed Utah Foundation to not only compare the views of voters to candidates, but the priorities of each as well. This report is not an endorsement of any party or candidate, but is merely provided to educate and inform voters and the delegates to each party’s state nominating convention.

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