Monday, September 26, 2011

A message from USDC Chair Jim Dabakis on redistricting

Dear Utah Resident,

I am outraged by the Republicans in the Utah Legislature. Before our very eyes, Republican Party bosses are drawing ridiculous districts to protect their incumbents, putting petty political interests ahead Utah citizens, and presenting terribly flawed maps that hurt all Utahans for the next TEN years.

DEMOCRATS WILL NOT stand silently and watch our freedoms be seriously eroded! Will you join us? All over the state, Republican manipulators are damaging our democracy. Ogden and Weber County are fractured into four Senate districts. Tooele City and County are split to protect Republican incumbents. Summit County is yanked to all corners of the state to divide the Democratic stronghold. Southern Utah and rural residents HAVE BEEN CLEAR – they want a Southern Utah Congressional District – but THEY ARE BEING IGNORED.

 Don’t believe us? It’s not just the Democratic Party that is outraged.

Fair minded people like you need to step up to this arrogant bullying! Today, we are taking the stand and we URGENTLY need people all over Utah to BE BRAVE, lend your voice to the cause, and join the fight!

 We have no time to lose. Utah’s State House, Senate, and Congressional Districts are being GERRYMANDERED RIGHT NOW! You can stand up to their abuse and STAND WITH US by doing the following:

1. Tell EVERYONE how shameless and BLATANT the Republican gerrymandering is. Tell your neighbors, tell your mailman, tell your clerk at the grocery store!
2. Sign our LETTER OF PROTEST and join us by standing with the people of Utah for fair minded redistricting.Then FORWARD THIS EMAIL TO YOUR FRIENDS by clicking here. Proudly add your name so that THIS TIME, Republican bosses know we will not stand for this blatant political power brokering – not at the expense of our representation, our communities, and our voice.
3. Attend the OCTOBER 3, 2011 RALLY. Good government groups from across the state are joining forces to oppose this corrupt process. Come to the State Capitol at 11:00 a.m. on OCTOBER 3, 2011, and let the Republicans know we will not stand silent as they blatantly disenfranchise Utahans.
4. SEND YOUR STATE DEMOCRATIC PARTY A CONTRIBUTION NOW! Or better yet, SIGN ON AS A MONTHLY DONOR. Putting a halt to this arrogant abuse of power is not cheap! The domination of our State Legislature by untouchable, closed-caucus Republican Leaders is damaging Utah's ability to create jobs, attract tourists, and create the quality of life we all desire.

We have a legion of fabulous volunteers that contribute their time, enthusiasm and effort. Rest assured, that they are certain every dollar you donate is stretched to its absolute limit. But make no mistake, THIS BATTLE NEEDS CASH

Any amount helps - from $5 to $1,000 – but HELP US TODAY. 100% of your donation will go to fight the fight – even if it means TAKING THE REPUBLICANS TO COURT! Utah Democrats do not have the long lists of lobbyists and special interests that bankroll Republicans. We DEPEND on your grassroots support. Without your help---we simply cannot fight our fight.

GERRYMANDERING IS HAPPENING NOW! It is URGENT that you act IMMEDIATELY. Tell your friends, come to the rally, JOIN OUR EFFORT and CONTRIBUTE TODAY. Pass this message on so we can fight together!

Jim Dabakis State Party Chair

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