Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Democrats offer an Idea for Congressman Chaffetz

Salt Lake City, UT— The “Chaffetz is Considering a Campaign for the U.S. Senate” summer tour continued this week in Emery County – the congressional district he lives in but not the one he represents.

Pasty Stoddard of the Emery County Progress, a local weekly newspaper, reported Congressman Chaffetz as saying, “”Just because you are born here, doesn’t make you a United States Citizen . . . I hope to be part of the solution. I need help and support and your ideas.” (see full story at

Utah Democratic Party Chair Jim Dabakis agreed that the congressman needs help saying, “Congressman Chaffetz please read the Constitution – particularly the 14th Amendment. It starts out by saying that all persons born in the United States are citizens.”

Dabakis added, “Since he asked, our idea is that Congressman Chaffetz learn the basic facts about citizenship or, at the very least stop this intentional effort to mislead the public and incite the far right-wing. His statement makes clear that like too many members of Congress, Chaffetz is more interested in getting attention – even to the point of appealing to bigotry — than solving the real problems faced by Utah and our country. We believe that in the end, Chaffetz will learn that Utah wants a Democratic Senator who values common sense solutions not destructive political rhetoric and posturing.”

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