Tuesday, December 28, 2010

They're BAAAACK...

Is Representative Carl Wimmer's latest bill private education funding and tax credit bill actually a voucher bill in disguise? He says no...

But I think this is one of those slippery slope things that changes the game for Utah's schools. I especially hate the Representative's justification for this bill... he says it is needed so that we can help failing students and failing schools. First, show me which "failing" schools this will help... and second, why doesn't the legislature actually do something that is helpful for teachers and school children... more money into the classroom, perhaps?

Tonight, Representative Wimmer asked the Utah Amicus if we support "allowing kids to fail," and said it is "morally reprehensible to oppose legislation that helps children." To answer your question, Representative: The answer is no. We absolutely do not support allowing kids to fail, and your "spin" to characterize us as people who don't care about Utah's school children is low, indeed. The truth is, we believe that anything short of helping teachers to help kids succeed in the classroom is what really fails them.

The bottom line is that we don't like the sounds of your bill. We don't like slippery slope policies that will take money out of the pockets of kids. Period. At the Amicus, we believe that Utah needs a world class education system, not a second rate afterthought. We also believe that it is not government's job to elevate private enterprise. From the looks of it, we don't get the impression that this will help kids as much as it helps private schools with public money. You can call it a tax credit all you want, but we both know where this is going.

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