Thursday, November 04, 2010

Return of the Jedi

Inspired by Mark Hymas on Facebook.  Happy Birthday Mark!
2008 was "A New Hope"

2010 is "The Empire Strikes Back!"

2012 will be "Return of the Jedi!"

You ain't seen nothing yet!
It is about personal responsibility


Mark said...

Awesome! Thanks Rob! :)

Reggie Cakes said...

That dude in the middle looks like Hitler. Dumbo the Nazi! Hey you dumbocrats suck too!

happyhappyjoyjoy said...

Don't be blue in the war of Idea's dems slaughtered the republicans.

Florida passed ballot their fair boundary initiatives by wide margins.

California dumped the 2/3rds vote requirement to pass budgets via the ballot initiative process. I can't stress how big this is, the budget requirement basically removed California from being a test bed for liberal/progressive idea's that would certainly spread through out the country.

Massachusetts passed a voter question asking whether or not to instruct their state legislators to pass state single payer in the next legislative session, And by titanic margins, winning in every city in the state except for 2.

Colorado rejected the "definition of a person" coat-hanger amendment to their constitution by a nearly 80% against. Also rejected by 2 to 1 margins where TABOR(aka protect the rich from taxes) amendments to their constitution, and other tax cut amendments also went down.