Thursday, October 14, 2010

From the Philpot Philes

Part Two... In a series...
Think you know where Politician Morgan Philpot
stands on the important issues?

Think again.

Did you know that when Politician Morgan Philpot was in the Utah legislature …

He likened the 2002 education budget and those who benefited from it, as fat and lazy from ingesting "pork rinds and soda pop" years.

We're as fat as can be," he said in the Jan. 20, 2002 Deseret News. "The fact we're even worried (about revenue shortfalls) is ridiculous. And you as opinion leaders shouldn't be selling this's political posturing and a joke. I'm sick of it."

And look at this voting record on behalf of Utah's Children:

Philpot said NO to funding education, he said NO to providing children the tools for financial literacy, and he said NO to school bus safety.

The proof is in his votes:

Voted against H.B. 3 Substitute, the Minimum School Program Act Amendments, which provided $24,785,000 in one-time educational appropriations.

Voted against HJR 15 to urge Utah school districts to promote financial literacy, from basic budgeting to financial investments, among school students. (49 Yes-13 No -13 Not present / not voting)

Voted against H.B. 85, requiring Utah school buses to meet federal safety standards. (41 Yes - 30 no - 4 not present/ not voting)

Voted against SB 156 to allow each local school board to adopt an emergency response plan for treatment of sports-related injuries, and provide implementation of the plan in each secondary school that has a sports program. (64 Yes -9 No -2 not present/ not voting)

Voted against HB 190 to restrict the use of cell phones by school bus drivers. (48 Yes -26 No -1 Not present / not voting)

What does Morgan Philpot have against Utah's children?

Vote NO on Morgan Philpot


Rex Jensen said...

Anyone who would vote for a Democrat is out of their mind. I will never vote for another Democrat. Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Matheson, and man others, have just stolen our country, our freedoms, our prosperity--and they make no apology for it. Philpot is the real deal, a true conservative, and he definitely gets my vote.

Rod Mann said...

Morgan is a consistent financial conservative. He will vote and his record demonstrates that he votes against spending measures no matter what the title is ... these bills often include spending outside the scope indicated in the title (bill titles are like headlines in that they or may not have anything to do with the content). Government both local and state have taken over more than they really need to. Everyone would benefit if we simply froze the overall budgets and were forced to dump unnecessary programs to fund necessary ones.

Morgan believes in responsible spending which is what we should be teaching our children. The prevalent attitude that I want it therefore I get it is not sustainable. To continue what we are doing especially at a federal level spending would be irresponsible. How is creating debt for our children and their children evidence of our love for them. It only shows that we care more about ourselves than than anyone else.

Clifton R. Clyde said...

Morgan Philpot is a typical Utah Republican, more interested in furthering a right-wing, reactionary philosophy than governing in the best interests of the American people.

Phillip Bell, EA said...


I has a better ring than the stupid Matheson = Pelosi slogan the GOP has used for close to a decade.