Wednesday, October 13, 2010

From the Philpot Philes..

Think you know where Politician Morgan Philpot
stands on the important issues?

Think again.

Did you know that when Politician Morgan Philpot
was in the Utah legislature …

He said NO to retirement benefits for Utah’s public employees?

He voted to urge Congress to risk Social Security in the stock market?

He refused to give seniors a break on their insurance co-payments,
insisting they should pay more!

One has to wonder…
what does Morgan Philpot have against Utah’s seniors?


Say NO to Morgan Philpot.


Anonymous said...

I would like to see Morgan Philpot replace Rep. Jim Matheson.

Matheson has been sitting on the fence.

Matheson voted to change the rules so Obamacare would pass, then voted against it, and then said he wouldn’t vote to repeal it.

Anyone that didn't want Obamacare to pass should vote for Morgan. Anyone that wanted Obamacare to pass should vote for Morgan.

Vote for Morgan Philpot. You will get someone that will listen, understands you can't just keep spending our money, and will try to get 2/3 of Utah back instead of keeping giving it away.

thestarforum said...

This is an awesome website. Morgan Philpot is doing exactly what is best for our country. Just because you work for the government doesn't mean you shouldn't fund your own IRA JUST LIKE EVERY ONE ELSE IN AMERICA. We are tired of "government" workers having a better deal than the average American worker.

We are tired of all the "free rides" that are paid for by the taz-payers. Freeing up the country from heavy taxes, even when seniors are involved benefits society. Families will take care of their seniors, and only in RARE circumstances should government ever be the first choice. It's thae last choice. Keep putting stuff out there like this and we'll get Morgan elected for sure.


Rob said...

Retirement and pensions are a free ride? WOW! Sounds like you want to turn America into a third world country. Go MATHESON!

thestarforum said...

Oh Rob --- You know that's not true. Pensions are created on the backs of others' futures. IRA's are a responsible way for every individual to put away for themselves. Do the math. It takes a lot of federal workers to cover the pensions of the guy taking it, and in a few generations we would all have to work for the government and then we're all socialists or worse. But if that's your goal to take away individual liberty and freedom (and consequences) then Matheson would be your guy.

I would rather take my chances, be responsible and choose liberty.